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Women’s Peer Support Project

The ‘Side by Side’ Peer Support Project is a collaboration between ARCH North East, Middlesbrough and Stockton Mind and My Sisters Place. looking at using a trauma-informed approach when supporting local women through peer groups.

The project has 2 main focuses; working with organisations to share knowledge, and working directly with local women to support the development of women-led peer-support groups. 

ARCH recognise that many women who have experienced any form of violence or abuse also experience mental health issues. In response to this need, ARCH have worked closely with My Sisters Place to launch a women-led peer support group, ‘Moving Forward’ for local women who have experienced any form of violence. 

The group is for women, and led by women, and they meet regularly and discuss topics that aid and support their recovery and promote empowerment.

We have also worked together with Mind & My Sisters Place to develop a learning hub, supporting North East & Yorkshire organisations to network and support the development of their own peer support groups, through shared learning and knowledge. We meet regularly and provide the opportunity for organisations to have a collaborative approach to developing peer support options for service users.

Members of other organisations and agencies working together at our 3rd Learning Hub event.

If you are interested in joining or learning more about the Moving Forward peer support group, or the learning hub, please contact Kerri on 01642 822331.