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01 Jun 2022

Today marks the start of #VolunteerWeek.

Volunteer’s Week (1 -7 June) is in its 38th year of the UK recognising volunteers and coincides with The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

We spoke to Megan, one of the Board of Trustees about her role and why she chose to volunteer for ARCH Teesside.

  • Can you tell us a little bit about your role as an ARCH Trustee?

As an ARCH trustee, we’re responsible for making sure that ARCH runs effectively and legally. We’re also responsible for strategic planning for ARCH’s future and what our key priorities will be each year. 

  • What do you like about being an ARCH Trustee? 

I like being an ARCH trustee as the work ARCH does is invaluable to the community. ARCH’s staff are invaluable to the community and the support and work they do with their clients are so important. All of our trustees have a variety of experiences and knowledge which allows us to see things from different perspectives and learn so much from each other. 

  • Why volunteer for ARCH Teesside?

As a solicitor who works predominantly with families who have social services involvement, I’ve seen firsthand how sexual violence can affect families. Having come across ARCH on an internet search one day, I knew ARCH was somewhere that I could use my knowledge to assist with ARCH’s running, as well as learn a lot more about sexual violence myself, and support such a great charity.

It is great to hear from Megan, and demonstrate the importance of volunteers in all aspects of the work ARCH Teesside provides.

Keep an eye out on our social media accounts and follow the #VolunteerWeek to look at how we are celebrating the valuable work of our volunteers!

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