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Pre-Trial Therapy

Our counselling service addresses the immediate and long-term impact of trauma on mental health and wellbeing. Our goal is to foster healing and growth and facilitate trauma resolution. Each person’s needs are unique however some of the common issues we work with on a regular basis are self-harm, attachment, relationships, anxiety, dissociation, suicidal thoughts, flashbacks, nightmares and trust issues. 

Every survivor has the right to support and we know that the impact of silence can be devasting. Survivors’ needs are paramount, we, therefore, offer Pre Trial Therapy for clients who are part of an ongoing police investigation.  This protocol is carried out by our qualified counsellors and covers structured therapy from when the report is made to the Police until court proceedings are complete.  All counsellors have received full training in the use of this protocol and are in receipt of appropriate supervision.

As outlined in this protocol, survivors are unable to talk about the specific details of the incident that is under investigation.  They can, however, explore feelings around the incident; encouraging trust in themselves, self-compassion and allowing them to become more mentally and emotionally equipped to deal with the distress in their day-to-day lives.  Once court proceedings have concluded our counselling services are still available for support with the deeper trauma relating to experiencing sexual violence.

If you feel you would benefit from our support or have some questions regarding pre-trial therapy then please get in touch.  You can speak directly with one of our team at 01642 822331.

For further information on the Pre Trial Therapy Guidance :