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Our Values

We listen, we support, and we believe. We understand that it can be difficult to talk about what has happened and that finding the right words can be difficult. Every member of our team is specially trained around the impact of sexual violence and understand that difficulty, they will never ask you to talk about things you don’t want to, and they will always take the conversation at your pace and in your time.  


ARCH aims to empower those affected by rape and sexual violence to make real and lasting change within their lives, living a future that allows them to move forward with confidence and free from fear.


It is our vision to educate, empower and inspire our local communities to bring about a society that is free from sexual violence and abuse.


Our mission is strengthened by a belief in people and in their capacity to not just survive, but to thrive following an experience of sexual violence. Delivery of our mission is strengthened by our commitment to;

  • Believe and validate people’s experiences
  • Justice, both social and criminal and supporting a person’s right to chose
  • Equality and fairness underpinned by an understanding of feminist principles
  • Respect, valuing others input and seeking to reach a place of mutual understanding
  • Honesty and openness in our interactions
  • No Judgements, meeting people where they are at and empowering them to reach their goals

We believe it is important for every victim/survivor to have the space they need to make sense of their experiences. We operate a woman only space once a week and ensure a woman-only pathway to support including a gender choice of worker.

Quality Standards

Rape Crisis England and Wales (RCEW) is the National Umbrella organisation for specialist rape crisis centres. The National Service Standards (NSS) are provide a quality assurance framework that enables services to demonstrate how their services are provided within professional frameworks that prioritise safety, governance, empowerment and continuous improvement.

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BACP Accreditation recognises the achievement of high standards of knowledge, experience and development in counselling and psychotherapy.

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