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E-mail Support

Did you know that ARCH North East offer free, confidential and secure e-mail support?

You can use the email support service to contact us anonymously, it is a confidential service as we use a specialist system that anonymises your email address. This means that we can take the support at your pace and you can decide what you want to tell us and when.

You can use the email support service to contact us for information on your options and to access practical and emotional support. We can provide information that will help you decide what you want to do about the abuse you have experienced (if anything) and can signpost you to useful resources designed to support your well-being.

If you are thinking about reporting you experience to the police, we can provide information regarding the police, court and medical procedures to help you decide what you would like to do.

Our email advisors have all received sexual violence specific training and this service is available to people who have directly experienced sexual abuse as well as supporters such as family members, a partner, and friends.

Please note that this account is not monitored 24/7, or on weekends.  For out of hours support, please contact SARC Teesside on 0333 44 8283. This helpline is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In an emergency, please call 999.