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About Us

ARCH Teesside is a specialist sexual violence service offering free and confidential support, help and advocacy to people in the Teesside area who have experienced rape and sexual abuse, at any point in their lives.


Based in Middlesbrough, we have over 25 years of experience delivering services within the communities we serve.

We originally evolved from a women’s domestic abuse project, to specialise in providing trauma-informed rape and sexual abuse support. In 2007, we incorporated the then ‘Jigsaw’ project into our service, which extended our support to men and boys.


Today, we are the largest provider of sexual violence support in Teesside and are committed to ensuring that victims and survivors have the support they need, when they need it, and to support them to move forward from their experiences.

We pride ourselves on delivering quality services that meet the needs of sexual violence victims and survivors, and our work is continually informed by their experiences and feedback to us. We are part of the Rape Crisis England and Wales (RCEW) network, and our services are accredited under the RCEW National Service Standards. Our Counselling provision is BACP registered and accredited.



If your life has been affected by rape or sexual violence finding the right words may be impossible. ARCH Teesside offers free and confidential support to help you understand your options and make choices that are right for you. Every member of our team is specially trained around the impact of sexual violence and understands the difficulty and challenges you may be experiencing.


To provide quality care, support, help, and guidance for all those affected by rape and sexual violence across Teesside.


To provide quality care, support, help, and guidance for all those affected by rape and sexual violence across Teesside.


Our mission is strengthened by a belief in people and in their capacity to not just survive, but to thrive following an experience of sexual violence. Delivery of our mission is underpinned and strengthened by our values:

• Believe.
• Care.
• Integrity.
• Justice.
• Expertise.

We believe it is important for every victim and survivor to have the space they need to make sense of their experiences. We understand that those needs may be different for every individual.

To help provide the right support for you we will offer choices around how support is provided. This could include women only spaces and a woman only pathway to support, however our team also includes men to ensure everyone has an option that is comfortable for them. We are a trans-inclusive organisation.


For help and advice, please email us at


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